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Work done in collaboration with ArcadiaEarth.

The Exhibit

Arcadia Earth is an immersive museum of sustainability. Its primary mission is to Inform, Inspire, and Activate the community to positively impact our planet through environmental storytelling.

Working in collaboration with NY-based artists, each exhibit is designed to tackle an environmental topic relating to water or land. The physical space consists of a series of exhibits organized in a linear sequence, where visitors are lead from one exhibit to the next.

Arcadia Earth seeks to inform and educate guests through "Did You Know..." facts and a "...You Can Help!" call to action.

Augmented Reality

A large portion of the show is technology-driven. Augmented Reality is implemented within the show and activated through icons to elevate the immersive experience. These AR Animations can be activated with smartphones or tablets handed out at check-in.

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