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Humans vs. Robots

Las Vegas, Nevada



This Kuka Robotic arm becomes a metaphor for the industrial world we live in, which can be both a blessing and a curse. The exhibit talks about biodiversity loss, animal extinction, and the appearance of zoonotic diseases.


The humanization of the robotic arm creates a connection between guests and the dance performance of the robot.


In life's intricate web, every organism is interconnected, emphasizing the delicate balance between humanity and nature.  As biodiversity faces threats, protecting our ecosystems becomes crucial, as our fate is intertwined with all living beings.

Plants, animals, and microorganisms are all linked together by countless delicate interactions that result in life as we know it. When this balance is disturbed the effects ripple through the web, proving that the loss of one species affects them all.


Habitat degradation, climate change, pollution and invasive species are currently threatening the diversity of our ecosystems more than ever before. All living things are interdependent, humans included. Therefore protecting biodiversity protects us.

choreography + programming

Remote Programming

The robotic movements were first set up remotely, through an interactive program. The programmer followed diagrammatic sketches, derived from storyboards which serves as references for a developing narrative. After numerous iterations, the remainder of the programming would be setup on-site.


Adjusting pre-existing programming for the robot movements. Adjusting graphics and text for projectors DMX programming to join robot movement sequence, with audio and lighting cues, as well as fog machine cues.

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