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In New York, Art has always left traces behind, but like everything else in the city, those traces vanish a little more with every passing day, until they are completely erased.


Once the heart of New York’s creativity, Soho was home to a community of artists who resided and developed their work here.


Walking around the neighborhood, the traces of Soho’s past have mostly been consigned to memory, but with the aid of this interactive map, Augmented Reality stations and site marker systems will help pedestrians locate Artistic historic venues and experience them as have been in the past.


The experience also continues with smartphones, as QR codes will activate AR features within the current retail stores.

Signage Locations

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 5.33.09 PM.png
  •  393 W. Broadway: The Broken Kilometer 

  • 141 Wooster St: The Earth Room 

  • 15-3 W. Houston S.: The Gateway to SoHo (The Wall) 

  • 101 Spring St.: Judd Foundation 

  • 35 Wooster St.: The Drawing Center 

  • 127 Prince St.: FOOD Restaurant / Lululemon 

  • 420 West Broadway: Sonnabend / DKNY 

  • 134 Wooster St.: Gagosian Gallery / Mansur Gavriel 

  • 155 Wooster St.: Paula Cooper Gallery / Ligne Roset 

  • 163 Mercer St.: Tony Shafrazi Gallery / N/A 

  • 575 Broadway: Guggenheim Soho / Prada 

  • 100 Prince St.: Barbara Kruger & J.M.B Gallery / MiuMiu 

  • 43 Greene St.: David Zwirner / Drade Store 

  • 116 Prince St.: Morrison Hotel Gallery 

  • 80 Wooster St.: 1st Artist Co-Op / The Real Real 

Screen Interactivity


Locations Icons

Subway Icons

Additional Icons

Augmented Reality

QR Code Scan

Click on the red icons on the overall map to obtain additional information. The interactive map will provide historical information specific to the Art gallery, directions on how to get to there, and interactivity elements, like Augmented Reality and/or QR code activations. 

Map Signage

Signage Marker


Augmented Reality


Side Panel

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