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Work done as a Graphic Designer in collaboration with Marianne's Alpha Kappa.

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About the Books

The Indicative mood is a bilingual manual, which presents an innovative and interactive learning method for those who wish to master French conjugation. The verbs are illustrated with cartoons depicting both an active character and a passive character.

By classifying the verbs in terms of frequency of use, both oral and written, the teacher or student is able to progress logically at their own rhythm. In order to help English speakers learn the correct French pronunciation, a simple color coding is applied to signal complex sounds and silent letters. To reinforce a cumulative learning experience, each new element is recapitulated in diagrams and tables that show the application in different tenses.

Additionally, a Mappings Notebook regroups all diagrams and charts from the book’s elements, while also providing a  space for the student’s individual notes. For a better learning experience a convenient platform for lefty & righty students was provided by the author. The simple and graphic aesthetic of this notebook transforms the student into a powerful participant of the learning process.

Additional Learning Tools

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