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Work done as a Designer in contribution to Lynch Eisinger Design.

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Store Standardization

The palette and design of the spaces is intended to provide a raw but articulate blank slate for Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons to fill with his own quirky popart inspired vision.

Fixture Development

With the development of several manuals for each brand tier, a section is dedicated to fixtures. Each fixtures is designed and prototyped and then incorporated into the manual. For each new store designed, the manual is then referenced for spatial design

Calvin Klein Performance

Calvin Klein Performance is built on the foundation of innovation, fit and function. Designs are fashion inspired and feature trend-driven. The fixtures are inspired by Jean Prouvé furniture designs, but also through the juxtaposition of art, design and function.

Design Development

After conceptualizing the idea behind the Calvin Klein Performance fixtures, the design development included sketching, construction documents, details and renderings. This stage of design also allowed us to position these fixtures in dependence with one another in a virtual store setting


The prototyping phase was a collaboration with the Calvin Klein visual merchandising team and the manufacturers to make these fixtures come to life. Additional changes were noted for retouching, but this step allowed us to truly visual the design.

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