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DIFFA - Dining By Design 2017



Each March, in time with the Architectural Digest Design Show, DIFFA (the Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids) enlists 25 companies and designers to outfit tables to raise money for AIDS programs. In a cocktail party after opening day of the Design Show, the table designs are all revealed.


​Symbolically hinting to a pulsating heartbeat, the installation for the New York School of Interior Design evokes emotion and energy through light and color. The concept is carried throughout when light merges together to create unity. As for the bold red color, it represents energy, passion, and action.

NYSID Concept



For this installation, light is an integral element. The project features 37 individual back lighted luminous slots, 4 power supply units, 185 linear feet of LED tape light, 370 linear feet of wire, and 225 electrical connection.

Table Design

The design of the tableware mirrors the verticality of the LED strips along with the elongated cutlery, which adds to the dynamism of the installation as a whole.

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